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Whether it is a birthday party, picnic, grand opening or any other special occasion your event is a priority and your satisfaction is a primary concern for Sunny. This would include, but not be limited to, arriving on time, treating your property with respect, your guests with courtesy, and the guest of honor with special attention.

All of Sunny's outfits are professionally designed, made to order, and periodically updated. Sunny arrives with all the equipment and supplies she requires.

Sunny the Clown's parties typically begin with a puppet greeting for the infants and toddlers who may be seeing a clown for the first time.  Afterwards, she invites the children to come forward for facepainting or temporary tattoos.  All of Sunny's facepainting material is of the highest quality and naturally, specifically manufactured for facepainting.  Her tattoos usually apply easily and may be removed with alcohol or baby oil (although some children are adept at removing them with their little fingernails).  Non-competitive games follow, including bubbles and the parachute. During birthday parties the birthday child may sit in the center of the parachute and enjoy a ride, while everyone sings "Happy Birthday" and the cameras pop away! Group dancing is next with the macarena, limbo, and freeze "jump" done in a creative, playful atmosphere.  At this point the children are invited to sit on the parachute for a comical puppet show which leads into an interractive magic show.  Lastly, Sunny the Clown finishes her show with balloons twisted into animals, swords, flowers, hats...

Sunny offers facepainting, balloons, temporary and glitter tattoos, games, dancing, puppets, magic shows, and more. Interested in having freshly made popcorn and spun cotton candy at your event? Sunny now works with Cotton Candy Time to provide these fun treats for your guests. For more information call Sunny or simply visit:



  • Puppets--for little ones to meet Sunny
  • Finger-play singing--ideal for ages 2-5
  • Clown Magic--audience participation is a must
  • Face Painting--simple or full face, themed or general
  • Tattoos--temporary or glitter, upon request
  • Balloon Sculptures--from simple to not so simple!
  • Group Dancing--all clown-style of course!
  • Games & Activities--age-appropriate & fun
  • Storytelling--special requests or Sunny's own
  • Popcorn & Cotton Candy also available